Castle Gormenghast

Disclaimer: "Spelling should be pensioned off... it terrorises human beings from birth." - Gabriel Garcia Marquez.

4/03/05: Daylight rubbery: it's the musings on condoms page.

16/5/05: Insert coin to shag again: it's the musings on sex and computer games page.

9/3/06: No F1 preview this year but Pete Fenelon has contributed 1991 and 1992 season previews.

Musings - chaotic thoughts and non-linear ramblings -- on living in an aeroplane, advertising on condom machines, the quest for perpetual motion and other such nonsense.

Stories - stories about sheep and science and other stuff. Stories by myself and others... largely concerning sheep but numerous other matters are also dealt with.

Toys and Amusements - fripperies and foolishness. A beginners guide to origami and an entirely new (actually, increasingly old) method for fortune telling.

Motor Racing - formula one season previews by myself and the esteemed motor racing expert Pete Fenelon.

Kipple - detritus accumulated over the aeons with no better place to go.

East Wing - under constuction. This is where uncompleted bits and pieces are housed until either they are completed or I tire of them.

West Wing - the ill-constructed and unmaintained ruins of an older part of the castle. Warning, this is a morass of broken links and useless pages that I thought were a good idea at the time. Enter at your own risk.

Why Gormenghast? Why is this page called what it is called and why does it look so boring?

My more serious work related page.

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