Occasionally, I write stories. No matter how much people beg me to stop. These, then, are some of those stories - and some by other people for good measure.

Science fiction

Read Some Colours May Run - the end of the world again.

Curiously, this story is also available in Russian (Thanks to Wesha who translated it).

Read Life on a Strange Attractor - chaos theory, robots and being stuck in a rut.

Stories about sheep and fire

Read A story about sheep and fire - the tale of the last king of the sheep.

Read A story about sheep, fire and malted milk by Kriss Fearon.

Read A story about sheep, fire and braces by Doug Clow.

Read A story about sheep, fire and brown ale by Daithidh McEochaidh (caution, this story could be offensive to humans).

Stories which are neither about Sheep and Fire nor Science fiction

Read You spin me right round - a romance (of sorts).

Read Lord of the File-Separators - a true story of university research.

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