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MoN12 2013 was held in Southampton. Slides from the meeting can be seen at MoN12 2013.

Three new papers added to my publications on virtual networks, faster than OFDM data transmission and ISP/overlay network economics.

I am a senior research fellow in the Networks and Services Research Laboratory in the Dept of Electronic and Electrical Engineering at University College London. I am working on network topology (FETA) and traffic statistics, wireless comms techniques and P2P networks (peerlive).

My current publication list

My reviews of other papers on networking

Research software

I help organise a series of talks on The Mathematics of Networks (MoN11 announced at Warwick).

Teaching :C programming course material -- course to teach C programming for mathematicians (for Maths Dept at York University).

Networks II course material -- course on the mathematics of Computer Networks (for maths Dept at York University).

Other lecture notes (notes and material for other lectures I have prepared).

My frivolous and pointless website, Castle Gormenghast.