Networking papers collection

These pages are my own reference for papers I have read on the topic of networking, and in particular internet networking. The intent is to build up a library of read papers, summaries and bibliographic references (BibTeX format). The papers are split into categories as described below. If you're an author of one of these papers please don't hesitate to contact me with information or corrections if I have something wrong. The idea is not to review the paper in the sense of formal academic review but to summarise the paper in a few paragraphs and listing its core achievements.

Traffic Statistics

The Traffic Statistics section contains general papers about the statistics of network traffic, for example describing the distribution of round-trip times, triangle inequality violations and so on.

Network Economics

The Network Economics section contains papers about how network are financed and how traffic interacts with cost models, for example looking at ISP billing papers, papers about ISP and application cooperation and so on.

Long-Range Dependence

The Long-Range Dependence section contains papers about LRD, self-similarity and related topics in network traffic.


The Peer-to-Peer section contains papers about P2P either traditional or streaming.


The Topology section contains papers about network topology.

Software defined networks

The SDN section contains papers about software defined networking.

Complex Networks

The Complex Networks section contains papers not specifically about internet networks but about networks in general.


Naturally, the Miscellaneous section contains everything else.

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