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I am Richard Clegg a lecturer in the Networks Group within Electronic Engineering and Computer Science at Queen Mary University of London (as well as an Honorary Senior Research Associate at University College London). I gained a PhD in Mathematics and Statistics from the University of York in 2005. My current research interests centre around networks: mainly computer networks but anything where things are associated with other things can be viewed as a network. My Erdős number is three. This site has been on the web in some form or another continuously since late 1994. You can find the previous version of the site here and the previous previous version here. Along with Keith Briggs I run the Mathematics of Networks meetings. These (approximately) yearly meetings have been running since 2003. When not in work I enjoy diving (I am a diving instructor with the British Sub Aqua Club). My research interests include:

  • Complex networks
  • Statistical nature of traffic
  • Analysis of graph data sets

In general I'm interested in:

  • Data analysis, machine learning
  • Statistically rigorous analysis
  • Graph theory
  • Queu(e)ing theory
Richard G. Clegg 2017

    I have acted as a reviewer for a number of journals including:

    I am on various Technical Program Committees including:

    • Complex Networks --the International Workshop on Complex Networks
    • SIMPLEX -- Simplifying Complex networks.
    • UKPEW -- the UK Performance Engineering workshop.
    • AICT -- the IEEE Application of Information and Communication Technologies
    • PMECT -- Performance Modeling and Evaluation of Computer and Telecommunication Networks
    • SNS -- the Workshop on Social Network Systems
    • EWSDN -- the European Workshop on Software Defined Networking
    • NetSciCom -- the IEEE International Workshop on Network Science for Communication Networks
    • COMPLEXIS -- the International Conference on Complex Information Systems