Published works

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Temporal Network Analysis of Email Communication Patterns in a Long Standing Hierarchy Matthew Russell Barnes, Mladen Karan, Stephen McQuistin, Colin Perkins, Gareth Tyson, Matthew Purver, Ignacio Castro, Richard G. Clegg ICWSM (18th International AAAI Conference on Web and Social Media) 2024 arxiv preprint
Using a Bayesian approach to reconstruct graph statistics after edge sampling Naomi Arnold, Raul Mondragón, Richard G. Clegg Applied Network Science 2023 arxiv preprint
Reconstructing Degree Distribution and Triangle Counts from Edge-Sampled Graphs Naomi A. Arnold, Raúl J. Mondragón, Richard G. Clegg Complex Networks Conference 2023 Preprint on this site
Measuring Equality and Hierarchical Mobility on Abstract Complex Networks Matthew Russell Barnes, Vincenzo Nicosia, Richard G. Clegg Complex Networks Conference 2022 arxiv preprint
Moving with the Times: Investigating the Alt-Right Network Gab with Temporal Interaction Graphs Naomi Arnold, Ben Steer, Imane Hafnaoui, Hugo G. Parada, Raul Mondragón, Felix Cuadrado, Richard G. Clegg Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing (CSCW) 2021 arxiv preprint