Networks II

These are the notes for a postgraduate level course on networking. The course focuses on Queuing theory and Routing. Early lectures are on the practical aspects of networking. The course is still under preparation -- what is offered here is a selection of the notes prepared so far. Previous year's notes are still available for 2003 and 2004

Lecture Notes

Lecture One (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- Networking Basics

Lecture Two (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- Networking Basics

Lecture Three (PDF) -- Basic Probability

Lecture Four (PDF) -- Little's Theorem

Lecture Five (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- Markov Chains

Lecture Six (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- Markov Chains II (the revenge)

Lecture Seven (Microsoft Powerpoint) --Birth Death Processes

Lecture Eight (PDF) -- M/M/1 model extensions

Lecture Nine (PDF) -- M/G/1 queues

Lecture Ten (PDF) -- Networks of queues

Lecture Eleven (PDF) -- Basic Graph Theory

Lecture Twelve (PDF) -- Spanning Trees

Lecture Thirteen (PDF) -- Shortest Paths

Worksheets and Practicals

Worksheet One (PDF)

Worksheet Two (PDF)

Practical One (PDF)

Extra material

Queuing example (PDF)

2003 Exam and model answers (PDF)

2004 Exam and model answers (PDF)

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