Networks II

These are the notes for a postgraduate level course on networking. The course focuses on Queuing theory and Routing. Early lectures are on the practical aspects of networking.

Lecture One (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- Networking Basics

Lecture Two (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- Networking Basics

Lecture Three (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- A simple model of TCP throughput

Lecture Three (extra) (PDF) -- Extra Notes for above

Lecture Four (PDF) -- Little's Theorem

Lecture Five (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- Markov Chain Basics

Lecture Six (Microsoft Powerpoint) -- More Markov Chains

Queuing example (PDF)

Markov example (PDF)

Lecture Seven (Microsoft Powerpoint)

Lecture Eight (PDF)

Lecture Nine (PDF)

Lecture Ten (PDF)

Lecture Eleven (PDF)

Lecture Twelve (PDF)

Worksheet One (PDF)

Worksheet Two (PDF)

Practical One (PDF)

Practical Two (PDF)

Guest Lecture on Cryptography by Dr. Arthur Clune (Microsoft Powerpoint)

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