Criticisms of modelling packet traffic using long-range dependence (extended version)

Submitted by richard on Sun, 10/27/2013 - 16:16
Richard G. Clegg, Raul Landa and Miguel Rio
Journal of Computer and System Sciences, 77(5)
This paper criticises the notion that long-range dependence
is an important contributor to the queuing behaviour of real
Internet traffic. The idea is questioned in two different ways.
Firstly, a class of models used to simulate Internet traffic
is shown to have important theoretical flaws. It is shown
that this behaviour is inconsistent with the behaviour of real
traffic traces. Secondly, the notion that long-range correla-
tions significantly affects the queuing performance of traffic
is investigated by destroying those correlations in real traf-
fic traces (by reordering). It is shown that the longer ranges
of correlations are not important except in one case with an
extremely high load.

This paper looks at the phenomenon of long-range dependence. It shows that certain long-range dependent models give answers which contain infinities and also that this behaviour will not be detected by a naive modelling approach. The work is an extension of an earlier published PMECT paper.

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