FETA (Framework for Evolving Topology Analysis) software

FETA publications

The following papers on FETA have been published.

  • R. G. Clegg, R. Landa, U. Harder and M. Rio, A likelihood based framework for assessing network evolution models tested on real network data(PDF) Paper from SIMPLEX conference, Venice 2009. This paper describes the application of the FETA method to five real data sets.

  • R. G. Clegg, R. Landa, H. Haddadi and M. Rio, Measuring the likelihood of models for network evolution(PDF) – Paper in NetSciCom (INFOCOM workshop) 2009. This paper describes the FETA method and gives examples on artificial data and one real data set.

FETA presentations

  • Presentation at Cosener’s Next Generation Networking (PDF) – this is the ideal short (ten slide) intro to FETA.

  • Presentaion at SIMPLEX 2009 (Net Sci Workshop) (PDF) – Another short intro to FETA.

  • Presentation at Net Sci Con 2009 (INFOCOM workshop) (PDF) – this presentation is a shortened version of the one below and makes a good quick introduction to FETA.

  • Presentation at Nottingham (PDF) – this presentation was given to the Dept of Maths and Stats, Nottingham University 12th March 2009. It is similar to the presentation below but with a few more mathematical slides.

  • Presentation at Imperial (PDF) – this presentation was given to the Dept of Computing, Imperial College on 26th Feb 2009. It is the most complete and probably the best place to start.

  • Presentation at QMUL (PDF) – this short presentation was given at QMUL on 30th Jan 2009 and covers the basic ideas of FETA in a more up to date way.

  • Presentation at UCL (PDF) – this presentation was given at UCL on 28th Oct 2008. It is in some detail but the work has evolved considerably since.

Contact: Richard G. Clegg (richard@richardclegg.org)