FETA (Framework for Evolving Topology Analysis) software

There are three main bits of software which comprise FETA.

  • netcreator – given a model this produces a network to analyse.

  • netanalyser – given a model and a network this analyses it producing likelihood estimates or node and edge files to fit a GLM to.

  • FETA.R – the glm analysis software written in R.

The basic concepts you will need are:

  • outer model – this defines the model for the operations which will be performed on the network.

  • inner model – this describes the entities on which these operations take place.

To make this more concrete, the outer model defines whether a new node will be added or whether an edge will be added between existing nodes. The inner model defines the probability that (for example) a given node will be connected to a new node.

  • new node inner model – this defines the probabilities of connecting a new node to a given inner model.

  • internal edge inner model – this defines the probabilities of connecting two existing old nodes together.

For more details on the models and how to define them then see the model definition page.

Note – this software is very definitely research quality that is to say, buggy, ill documented and prone to crash. I hope to develop better software with better documentation soon.

Contact: Richard G. Clegg (richard@richardclegg.org)