FETA (Framework for Evolving Topology Analysis) software

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FETA is used to analyse data from networks where data is available about the time evolution of the network. The method gives rigorous likelihood estimates for a hypothetical model. It also uses generalised linear models to mix several model components.

Academic papers on the subject are currently being reviewed but preprints are available on request (richard@richardclegg.org). In the meantime there are some presentations available to look at.

I hope very soon to rewrite FETA in C. The current code in python is poorly structure, poorly commented and crash prone. If you notice errors or peculiar things they are probably my fault – email me rather than struggle.

To learn about FETA first look at the software overview or if your interest is the mathematics then the mathematical overview.


The software version 0.91 can be downloaded here and some trial data is available. This software is available under the GPL.

Older versions

FETA version 0.9

Contact: Richard G. Clegg (richard@richardclegg.org)