The miracle of search engines

I was really bored and looking through the log of who has accessed these web pages and where they accessed it from and came across the following: seek+now.x=12&seek+now.y=12 ->/htdocs/sky.html

Translated, this means that the guy did a search for the words "scandanavian" and "women" and the World Wide Web helpfully directed him to my Satellite TV page (which does indeed contain both these words).

Here's another classic: &q=sex+and+pictures+and+free+and+not+visa+and+not+mastercard+and +not+gay+and+not+dollar%0D%0Aand+not+com%0D%0A&r=&d0=&d1= -> /htdocs/sky.html

Translated, this guy has searched for the words "sex" and "pictures" and "free" but made sure that he excluded the words "visa", "mastercard", "gay" and "dollar". Yet again, the miracle of the World Wide Web told him that my page about satellite TV would be the ideal place to look. (And, indeed, the page contains the words "sex", "pictures" and "free" but not the words "visa", "mastercard", "gay" and "dollar".) Don't you just love someone who really knows exactly what they're looking for and isn't afraid to ask for it.

In fact many many different queries seem to point people to the satellite TV page, including "TV" with "erotica", the word "intercourse", the words "erotica", "hardcore", "porn", "FREE" and "PICTURES" together (love that captialisation), the phrase "naked housewives" and, interestingly enough, the word "extreme" on its own.

I wonder if this is really the audience I want to be attracted to this web site?

A further item to consider, is that many of the people reading this very page, may well have got here using a similar search. (Except of course, that this page contains the word Mastercard so alas, the Mastercard guy in example two will never be attracted here). If you are one of these people, then I can only apologise for the misleading impression that this page may contain any form of gratuitous titillation. I hope you weren't too disappointed.

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