Monopoly V2.01

The game of Monopoly has been extant for many years now and naturally it has become somewhat out-dated in that time. Here are the relase notes for V2.01. In view of current governmental policy it has been decided to change the title. Monopoly has somewhat negative connitations and we in no way wish to suggest that buying up the entirity of the London area and charging people four figure sums for staying overnight in a hotel is in any way a bad thing.


Free Market Economy V2.01

Changes to rules:

1) The "Bank error in your favour" card - banks are more efficient nowadays and admit only errors in the other direction. The card now reads "Bank Transaction Mishap - loose 100 pounds and spend 3 months in litigation".

2) The "Go to Jail" card now reads "Go to remand - go directly to remand - spend 10 months on remand awaiting trial. Then go to jail."

3) The "Speeding fine pay twenty pounds" card will include the addendum "unless you are a member of the royal family or the free masons"

4) The cost for the free parking square has had to be raised to five pounds per hour.

5) After privitisation of British water the following rule has been added. Any player landing on the water works square in addition to paying fines must roll 2d6 to see if he/she succumbs to aluminium poisioning.

6) In the interests of accuracy the "Go to Marylebone station card" has been altered to read "Go indirectly to Marylebone station stopping for 5 hours due to a signal failure at Crewe".

7) In the wake of odd things happening to interest rates the following rules now apply. Any property may be mortgaged for a very small fraction of its price. This may be paid off at any time but will cost at least three times what the property is worth - to be honest we advise you to move out.

8) To become more topical the Income Tax square has been replaced by a "Community Charge" square which reads "Pay a totally ludicrous sum.. or not.. as you feel.. it's being phased out soon anyway."

9) For accuracy "It is your birthday" card has been changed to read "It is your birthday, collect apologies/pints/hastily purchased presents from the corner shop from the other players."

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