ppppd.py --- Python Parallel Pairwise Pinging Daemon

This page describes how to set up and run the Python Parallel Pairwise Pinging Daemon. To run the program you will need a linux machine with /proc/loadavg available (if this is a problem I will try to do something more portable since this is linux only).

You will need to install Network Time Protocol (ntp) in order to synchronise your machine's clock. This may already be installed on your machine and should be relatively easy to set up. It can be downloaded from the download page here.

You will need to install lft which is software for providing traceroute-like functionality.

You will need to install python --- which is almost certainly already installed on your system.

Finally, you will need to install the ppppd.py program itself. This can be downloaded here. Unzip the program and read the README file for instructions. For real tests of the program a configuration file will be supplied..