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This page contains rubbish that I've written, drawn, photographed or merely collected from other bits of the Web. All stuff written down is likely to be the work of me so if you nick it you know who to credit. All pictures of any quality are either photos or somebody else's. You can do what you like with those.

Ugh Solve the world's energy crisis with my Perpetual Motion Page
Ugh Consider what life might be like in other cultures with my Plane based society Page
Ugh Cope with any culinary shortage with my Emergency Cookery Page
BSB Read about the future of broadcasting with my Sky TV page and related to this A word about search engines
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New things Keep up to date with my "NEW THINGS" page.
Old things Or look at some historic humour/stories/writing with my "OLD THINGS" page.
Puppy page Wonder at the majesty of my Puppy in my Pocket Page.
New things Gasp in horror at my photo page.
beard Tackle a modern issue head on with my Does this beard suit me? page.
New things Scavange through the mouldering potato peelings of my tat page.
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