Forecasting Full-Path Network Congestion Using One Bit Signalling

Submitted by richard on Sun, 10/27/2013 - 16:23
Moses Woldeselasie, Richard G. Clegg and Miguel Rio
Proceedings of IEEE/ICC Conference
In this paper, we propose a mechanism for packet
marking called Probabilistic Congestion Notification (PCN). This
scheme makes use of the 1-bit Explicit Congestion Notification
(ECN) field in the Internet Protocol (IP) header. It allows
the source to estimate the exact level of congestion at each
intermediate queue. By knowing this, the source could take
avoiding action either by adapting its sending rate or by using
alternate routes. The estimation mechanism makes use of time
series analysis both to improve the quality of the congestion
estimation and to predict, ahead of time, the congestion level
which subsequent packets will encounter.
The proposed protocol is tested in ns-2 simulator using a
background of real Internet traffic traces. Results show that the
methods can successfully calculate the congestion at any queue
along the path with low error levels.

This paper looks at a mechanism related to Explicit Congestion Notification. It uses a single bit in the IP header to communicate the congestion at each hop in the path. Statistical estimators are used to work out the accuracy of the congestion estimation.

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