Conference paper

This paper describes a C# library that can be used to build networked programs which can compile to several target hardware and software platforms. This greatly eases development and debugging. The system is tested using NetFPGA as a target and performs almost as well as hand tuned code.

Workshop paper
ACM MobiSys (Demo)

This demo shows how Apple's iBeacon technology can be used to track groups of people who are moving together in a crowd.

Journal Paper
Computer Networks

This paper is a considerably expanded version of the INFOCOM paper.

Again it argues that TCP is no longer mainly controlled by loss and congestion but instead by algorithms and settings under the control of the sender or receiver deliberately or accidentally designed to restrict throughput for a variety of reasons (for example limiting video sending to the rate at which the viewer is watching).

It contains extended discussion of the methodology and in particular how flight and RTT data was extracted from passive traces.

Workshop paper
Human Activity Sensing Corpus and Applications Workshop

This paper looks at how sensor measurements in mobile phones can be used to determine when people are talking in a group.

Journal Paper
Journal of Complex Networks

This paper used a likelihood based framework to create a rigorous way to assess models of networks. Network evolution is broken down into an operation model (it decides the 'type' of change to be made to the network, e.g. "add node" "add link" "remove node" "remove link") and an object model (that decides the exact change -- which node/link to add).

The system is shown to be able to recover known parameters on artificial models and to be useful in analysis of real data.

Workshop paper
2nd Workshop on Physical Analytics (WPA), Florence, Italy

This paper describes preliminary results on analysing the movements of people walking next to each other. The data is collected from mobile phone movement sensors carried by experimental subjects. The accelerometers on mobile phones show synchronisation when compared. Correlations between time series are used to infer the presence of a third party with when people are walking. This is preliminary work on a small data set with only three participants.


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