My office in action

Ever willing to jump on a bandwagon that's been rolling long enough, Castle Gormenghast proudly presents one of those groovy IndyCam things. As I am an excessively modest man, the camera does not actually point at me but instead at the top of my monitor (unless someone has knocked it). You do, however, get a charming view of whatever rubber novelties I have on top of my monitor. For variety I've decided that I will also sometimes point the camera at whatever mathematics is on my whiteboard today. If you're really lucky you'll see me working on it. This photo is updated every five minutes.

A photo

Just in case it's dark at the moment, here's how it looked at noon - note, the top of my monitor doesn't change that often so generally it looks pretty much the same.
Another photo
The works of art on display (depending on alignment of camera) are an exercise in pointillism by Mr. David "Tails" McCullie and a work in oils by York resident and aristocrat Lord Biscester. Other things you might happen to see include a print of "Tower of Babel" by Pieter Bruegel the elder and the single "Donny Rednecks" by Percy.
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