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Gripe of the moment

Walkmans? Walkmen? Whatever the plural is.... why do they go knackered so quickly? I seem to get through them so quickly these days. I suspect it's due to my above average build causing a slight "overhang" on my belt which pushes against the walkman forcing it away from the belt fitting and causing undue strain on the headphone socket and the belt-clip (which are inevitably the parts which give way first). Perhaps a new range of "Waddlemen" for people of "generous builds" could be introduced?

Exciting personal fact of the moment

Although many people see my childhood home, Pilling, as an uninteresting village in the North-West of England (and still more people just say "where?") Pilling has a fine and interesting historical tradition and has many mysterys and exciting historic things for the visitor to witness. A brief list of some of the more interesting pieces of history:

Gratuitous plug of the moment

"Life after God" by Douglas Coupland - magnificent - I won't attempt to review it.

Tacky object of the moment

A bit of software this time. I was horrified by the demo of Knowledge Adventure - 3D Dinosaur adventure. This is a bit of software so unselfconscious in its imbecility it will make you feel fear. Here are just some of the features
Put on your 3d glasses now.

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