Puppy in my Pocket Page

Yes, at last, it's the page you've all been waiting for. Without further ado, here's the puppies

Click on a puppy to find out more about it.
The location for this splendid shot is the sumptuous carpet of my office floor. The photos were taken by vaguely aiming the Indy cam in the right direction and hoping it didn't come out as horribly blurry as usual.
The `stats' for each puppy are given to allow you to play the thrilling `Puppy in my Pocket' game. However, due to inertia and the vague fear it may be copyright I'm not actually going to publish the rules of this game. If you can come up with a game based on the puppies (ideally using the stats provided as a basis) then don't hesitate to mail me at the usual address and please mark your mail "No Life".

We would urge you strongly not to pay the teeniest bit of attention to the ludicrous allegations made by Mr. Doug J. Menzies Clow he's a very sick man indeed.

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