The Perpetual Motion Page

Collecting designs for perpetual motion machines has long been an interest of mine. Although this collection is by no means complete, it certainly includes some of the best. Anyone who wants to contribute gifs or designs for this page is welcome to mail me at the usual address ( - I may ignore you and I may not.

Without further gubbins from me here are the designs:

A rather neat machine due to Prof. R.P. Feynman

(In response to comments I should add that Prof Feynman designed this machine to make a point about the impossibility of perpetual motion rather than to attempt to build a perpetual motion machine).

An underwater spinning donut

A hi-tech perpetual motion machine

A rather clever piston based machine

Important disclaimer: Naturally, being of sound mind, I have never attempted to build any of these devices. The consequences should you construct a working perpetual motion machine will certainly be dire - including, no doubt, the now proverbial "being torn apart by a rampaging mob of respectable physicists". I accept no liability in the case of such an event.

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