An extra-special special offer from K-Comp (the computer division of K-Tel)

Golden Magical Wonderful Logoff Screens

Yes, now you can enjoy, in your own homes, those VAX logout screens that have made you LAUGH or CRY down the ages.

Including such CLASSICS as....

The lyrics to "Smells like Teen Spirit"

Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Hello Mosquito, libido {Garble}

Yours to TREASURE and TREASURE again


"Spod has just logged out" {flashing in huge irritating letters and burning itself into the screen.}

RELIVE these MAGICAL-MOMENTS that make life worthwhile.

Who can fail to be moved by the EPOCH-MAKING....

"Kzap bang kthoom" {with accompanied VT220 graphic of some obscure Japanese comic character}.

PUZZLE at the enduring mystery of that vague blob that could be a hamster or may be a yo-yo and the far-too-small to read 132 column message.

WONDER at the mind that could create "!@$%$@#%" {something obscure in a weird font that you can't quite read and which messes the terminal up something chronic}..

SOB at the grandeur that is yet another Goth song written out in glorious monochrome with numerous spelling mistakes and the odd line missed out....

BANG YOUR HEAD REPEATEDLY ON THE DESK at the MARVEL of unselfconsciousness that is....

with a bargepole.
MAIL> exit

$ lo

SPOD1         logged out at 26-FEB-1993 21:57:44.79

Call duration: 00 :00:22   Segments out: 60   Segments in: 90
Resets: 0                Breaks: 0               Errors: 0

And remember, "Golden Magical Wonderful Logoff Screens" is not available in the shops because nobody in their right minds would buy it. However, if you give Steer a fiver he'll see if he can get you a copy.

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