Shameless indeed

This email was sent to me by a marketting company. It has not been altered by me in any way other than the addition of these comments.

Yes!! A Shameless Self Promotion, but you could win $100's of dollars of Star Trek Merchandise and possibly even $1000 BUCKS!!

Everyone who participates will receive FREE Star Trek Merchandise, now on to the details:

Movie Madness Merchandise is a new site on the internet offering the largest selection of Star Trek Merchandise with over 70 items and we will soon be expanding to over 150 items. Our site is at

Rules to enter:

The minimum entry requires that you must put a link on your site to (You cannot link directly to the Star Trek Page) which states "Movie Madness Merchandise: The Largest Selection of T-Shirts, Mugs, Caps, & Collectibles!"

This link will automatically win you a FREE Star Trek Gift! (I means something really cool, like a Mug or Sound Effects Key Chain, etc)

Wow!! I wonder what they would consider to be "something really tacky and duff"?

1st Round Prize is our STAR TREK FAN KIT which includes 1 of every Star Trek item we sell in our store, Includes T-Shirts, Mugs, Keychains, Posters, Bumper Stickers, and More!! (See our site for actual list of items, just look at the Star Trek Page) SEE BELOW FOR BONUS ROUND.

Oooh... Bumper Stickers... I can't contain my excitement!! All I need now is a car!!

Now I know you are thinking "How do I get all of this Stuff?" Well we want you to also "Showcase" Movie Madness Merchandise on your site to create attention to the link. How? Well we want you to be creative but examples would be putting our Banner on your main page, blinking lights, Change our logo to a really cool Design, anything!! BE CREATIVE!!

I trust I was "CREATIVE!!" enough. Oh, and if anyone from Movie Madness is reading... erm... it's an ironic low-sell technique. Really, it goes down well in the UK these days!!

Additional Rules:

1. The Link must go to
2. Link must be up by 9/15/95 and stay up till 11/15/95-FOR FIRST ROUND (SEE BELOW FOR BONUS ROUND)
3. Winner will be notified by e-mail by 11/20/95 as well as all contestants to get a postal address to ship out the prizes.


All links that stay active past 11/15/95 and run till 1/15/96 which will also allow contestants to redesign the Movie Madness Link to compete for the GRAND PRIZE!! $1,000 CASH!!!

Again all contestants with a minimum requirement will receive a FREE Star Trek Gift just for participating by 2/1/96.


Email me at by 9/10/95 with the your page's URL and your Full Name with your email address. The link must be up by 9/15/95.

THAT IS IT!! All participating Sites will also have a link from Movie Madness' upcoming Cool Links Page to their site as well.

That's the third time they've said "cool" I wonder if they're Beavis and Butthead fans!!

Thanks for Participating!!

That's OK!!

John T. Wells

John T. Wells
Movie Madness Merchandise
Check out our new store at:
or 1-800-758-0031 for FREE Catalog

Well, I've included the link, let's see if I get my free stuff!!