A letter about marketing

Yaaay I've decided that I enjoy comments very much, which isn't surprising from someone as long winded as I am. Let's see... :))))))

I have three words for you about your short story "Life on a Strange Attractor"

(no not plot plot plot...but...) MARKETING MARKETING MARKETING!

I think that Dog Rover has definate potental to sell on a children's market. Also, that coffee pot, while not as cute as Mrs.Potts was fairly entertaining. If you're not interested in a children's market, you can always switch over to a different crowed...perhaps you want to appeal to the more artistic abstract side of your audiance.

In such a case I would definately reccoment addapting your story to screen. Stick with black and white film, you might even want to translate it into Swedish and film it off the coast of a rocky shore. Tres Bergman, tres abstract, tres successful on today's market.

Now, I understand you might not be ready fo this kind of a leap into the entertainment field. That's perfectly natural. You could slowly ease into the market. With an add here and there you can get pple warmed up to the idea of the "caring" coffee- maker.

My mother says my writting style is quite irritating, and I've already sent you too many comments haven't I? I would tell you that this is what you get for having such a cool site, but realy I should be able to control myself?:) Oh well, I cannot be the only bored person out here on the net, and besides, I could be looking for Porn!! I am doing myself a favour by reading this instead... well.....

That American,


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