Curriculum Vitae

Personal Details

Name: Richard George Clegg

Date of Birth: 9th March 1971

Sex: Male

Nationality: British

Address: 39 Broadway, York, YO1 4JP

Telephone: (0904) 670334


1982 - 1987 St. Aidan's C. of E. High School, Preesall, Lancashire.
`O' Levels: Physics, Mathematics, Computer Studies, English Language English Literature, French, German, History, Chemistry

1987 - 1989 Lancaster Royal Grammar School
`A' Levels: Physics (A), Mathematics (A), Further Mathematics (A), General Studies (A)

`S' Levels: Mathematics (2), Physics(1)

1989 - 1993 University of York, Heslington
First Degree: BSc (Hons) Physics 2(i)
Higher Degree: MSc Electromagnetic Compatibility


1987 - 1992 (Summer job) J. Curwen & Sons (Horticulture) - Assistant

May - Oct 1993 Placement in Physics Department at York as part of MSc implementing computer modelling

Oct 1993 - May 1994 Continued work in Physics Deptartment on a voluntary basis

Computer Literacy: FORTRAN, C, Unix, DOS, VMS, LaTeX, Word-Perfect

Hobbies: Reading, cinema, music, writing short stories

Full, clean driving licence


Dr D.Orr, Dept. of Physics, Uni. of York, Heslington, York, YO1 5DD

Dr A.Marvin, Dept. of Electronics, Uni. of York, Heslington, York, YO1 5DD

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